Barlinek Industria Kielce – Polish Champions for the 20th time Industria 2023-06-05

Barlinek Industria Kielce – Polish Champions for the 20th time

The day of May 21, 2023 will forever go down in the history of the Kielce handball club. Yellow – white – blue won the 20th Polish Championship in a clash with the Orlen Wisła Płock team (with the score 27:24). On that day, emotions in Kielce’s Hala Legionów reached the zenith, and the team’s great support, as always, turned out to be invaluable support for the team fighting on the court.

“Our fans are the best. We are proud to play for them! Now we have two weeks until the Polish Cup, that’s a lot of time, we’ll have time to regenerate. We start work from next Monday, now the players will get a week off. We won the championship thanks to the families of all the players who went through very difficult moments, not knowing what will happen next.” – commented the coach of the team, Talant Duyshebaev.

After the won match, the Gladiator awards were given out for the best players of the PGNiG Superleague season. Arkadisz Moryto received a special distinction as the Player of the 2022/2023 Season.

“Individual honors are nice, but they wouldn’t mean anything without a team title.” Morito said.

This year, three Gladiator awards went to Barlinek Industria Kielce players:

  • Player of the Season: Arkadiusz Moryto (Barlinek Industria Kielce)
  • Winger of the season: Arkadiusz Moryto (Barlinek Industria Kielce)
  • Rotary of the season: Artsem Karalek (Barlinek Industria Kielce)

The 2022/2023 season is not over yet for the Polish Champions. On June 17 and 18, they will play their matches in the EHF Final 4 tournament. Bearing in mind the great success of 2016, the fans are waiting for the day when players from Kielce will once again compete for the title of the best team in Europe. The first semi-final match between Barlinek Industria Kielce and Paris Saint-Germain.

The EHF Final 4 will take place in Cologne at the Lanxess Arena and will be streamed live on Eurosport Player Extra.

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