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With the aim to meet farmer’s challenges of restoring the optimal pH value to the soil we offer lime fertilizers with magnesium. Due to its low solubility, carbonate lime fertilizer can raise the pH even for several years after its application, which depends largely on the granulation and moisture of the soil. The product has a significant magnesium content which varies according to the mine.

Go for deacidification of the soil with Devonit lime fertilizer. Very good quality, affordable price, especially recommended for eco-farming.

The quality of our products is confirmed by independent opinions of various institutes, qualifications certificates and systematic inspections carried out in our plants. However, the best proof of their effectiveness is the constantly growing group of users and distributors!

Soil acidification

Soil acidification constitutes a natural process resulting in the accumulation of H+ hydrogen cations. This phenomenon appears only when the soil is not able to automatically neutralize the excess of H+ ions. This is manifested by a decrease in pH. Moreover, humans, through systematic fertilization, especially with nitrogen fertilizers, the use of various agrotechnical treatments as well as industrial activity contributes to the acceleration of soil acidification processes.

Effects of soil acidification:
  • Fundamental problem of plant growing in Poland
  • Poor harvest
  • Poor plant growth and development
  • High activity of harmful elements
  • High activity of heavy metals
  • Poor absorption of nutrients by plants
  • Adverse biological changes in the soil
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DEWONIT Lime fertilizer
CalciGrow Granulated lime fertilizer
Benefits of using Dewonit lime fertilizer:
  • soil de-acidification (acidic or very acidic soils are predominant in Poland)
  • increase in harvest
  • improvement of soil structural and physical-mechanical properties
  • prevents soil chemical degradation caused mainly by the effects of “acid rain”
  • increase in the absorption of nitrogen and phosphorus
  • retention of water and air in the substrate
  • decrease in the absorption of heavy metals
  • increase in the resistance of plants to freezing temperatures during winter
  • degree of granulation ensures uniform effect
  • period of fertilization: up to 4 years after sowing
  • improvement in the quality characteristics of plants by introducing magnesium into the soil
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The high quality of our fertilizer is confirmed by:
  • positive opinion on agricultural suitability issued by the Institute of Soil Science and Plant Cultivation in Puławy.
  • product qualification certificate for use in eco-farming issued by the Institute of Soil Science and Plant Cultivation in Puławy.
  • systematic quality controls carried out by the Chemical-Agricultural Station in Kielce and its own Factory Laboratory 
  • constant interest of farmers and trading companies, creating a group of regular recipients of lime fertlizers.